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About Us

We are a team of immigration lawyers in Greece who provide complete services to foreign nationals interested in moving to the country. Individuals seeking to enter the country for temporary or permanent purposes are all required to observe the rules of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum pertaining to visas and residence permits according to the motive of stay. Our team can help foreign nationals better understand these policies as well as apply for the type of permit they require.

An initial case evaluation is often the first step towards determining the process that will be required for moving to Greece. Our team offers counseling as well as advice on the type of visa that is required and the general application process. With our help, foreign nationals from around the world can rest assured that they will complete all of the steps required by the authorities and that their application will receive a positive evaluation result.

Meet our immigration lawyer in Greece below!

Federico immigration lawyer Greece

Federico Richardson is the leader of our team of immigration lawyers in Greece.
He has resolved numerous immigration cases and he is specialized in this legal area.
Clients can rely on the quality of his work and his involvement in each case.

Laura Fuste immigration lawyer Greece

Laura Fusté  is an experienced immigration lawyer. She started her law career with a law degree from the University of Barcelona. At Lexidy, she is an important member of the Immigration Department.

Antonio Torres immigration lawyer in Greece

Antonio Torres Valdés is an experienced lawyer with a a strong background on international markets. He has a law degree from the University of Navarra.
At Lexidy, he is involved with the corporate and real estate department and
he maintains a special focus on the immigration department.

Why work with us?

Moving to a new country is a process that can take much deliberation and that will be based on important life decisions. Maybe a career opportunity is the reason behind the decision to move to Greece. After all, the country is a member of the European Union and there are a number of benefits to this, as well as the guaranteed EU freedom of movement for member state nationals. Perhaps the intention to move to Greece is motivated by the desire to study in Greece and enroll in a bachelor’s or masters programme. The country is rich with culture and there are many opportunities for programs taught in English for those interested in Hellenic heritage such as archeology, history, or literature.

Regardless of your reason for coming to the country, our immigration lawyer in Greece will help you prepare the visa or residence permit application documents, as well as submit them in the proper form with the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin. Proper understanding of the steps that are mandatory when intending to reside in Greece is the main reason why any foreign national should be interested in seeking specialized services, along with updated information and reliable advice.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have, as early on in the immigration process as needed. You can reach out to us for an initial consultation and one of our agents specializing in Greece immigration will be able to provide you with personalized answers.

What are the services provided by our agents?

Our team offers complete pre and post immigration services. This means that we are able to help you both before and after you arrive in the country based on your intended purpose of stay. Here are some of the aspects we can help you with:

  • Apply for the right type of visa: this is directly linked to the reason for coming to the country and our team is able to assist you during the application process;
  • Housing and accommodation advice: we can help you with information about concluding rent agreements in Greece or the formalities for purchasing a property;
  • Insurance: assistance for taking up health insurance with a Greek insurance company;
  • Education: guidance on how to find a suitable school or kindergarten as well as how to enroll children;
  • Others: information on tax compliance in Greece for individuals as well as assistance with opening a bank account, if required.

These are just some of the services offered by our dedicated team of agents who specialize in Greece immigration. You can always reach out to us for more information about how we can assist you.

What are the main issues to consider when coming to Greece?

Lawful residence in Greece is based on the requirements set forth by the Immigration Law, as well as the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Interior, under which the Ministry for Migration activates. Successful visa applications are compliant ones and our team can help foreign nationals with detailed information about the main types of visa:

  1. Employment: for those who wish to take up work in Greece or those who will engage in a profession as a sole trader;
  2. Investment: for individuals who are applying for the golden visa programme, which is based on a minimum investment in real estate;
  3. Study: for foreign nationals who have been admitted to a Greek University or another recognized education center;
  4. Family reunification: for those who already have a relative residing in Greece and they wish to accompany him or her.

Our team of agents specializing in Greece immigration can help you understand the different rules that apply for these types of residence permits.

According to the latest census figures, Greece’s population was estimated at 10,433,176 people, with the country ranking on the 87th place In the list of countries by population. Other statistical data refers to:

  • 84.9% of the country’s population is urban;
  • the population density is 81 people per square kilometer;
  • the most populated city is Athens, with a population of 664,046.

If you wish to know more about how to move to the country and the services we provide, please contact our immigration lawyer in Greece.