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Asylum Services in Greece

Asylum Services in Greece

Asylum is a means of protection that allows an individual to remain in a certain country instead of being deported to his country of origin, or to another country where he or she may be persecuted or harmed.

An individual looking for asylum in another country can benefit from asylum services in Greece, provided that he or she is looking for protection from serious harm or the violation of human rights.

Asylum is a human right, making it possible for any individual in real danger or under persecution to enter another country and apply for this status.

An asylum seeker is not the same as a migrant, however, our Greece immigration experts can also help those who wish to obtain this status.

Who can apply for asylum in Greece?

Asylum services in Greece are available to those who are afraid of returning to their country of origin because of fear of persecution based on race, religion, political opinions. It is also available to those who flee their country of origin because of war, inhumane treatment, or torture.

Access to this protection procedure is unrestricted and it is not subject to costs and the application is submitted in person or online. Our team of immigration experts in Greece can help you during the procedure and will help you understand the rules and indications set forth by the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

When applying for asylum, the individual will provide the passport or another identification document he or she has available. Their identity is verified, as well as that of the family members. The application will also include a phase during which the biometric data of the applicant is collected.

Are you looking for information on how to relocate to the country under usual circumstances, as an applicant for a resident permit in Greece? Our team will answer your questions according to nationality, as well as your purpose of stay in the country (which is usually for medium to long-term purposes focused on employment, study, investment, or other motives).

What happens with an asylum application?

Seeking asylum services in Greece, such as those offered by our experts, can be helpful as applicants will benefit from clear and continuous guidance. In most cases, the application is submitted with the regional asylum offices located throughout the country, however, in some cases it can also be lodged with the police. If this is the case, if you have already submitted the application for international protection with the Hellenic Police, or if you already have a special card for an alien requesting asylum, then the application is not submitted through the Asylum Service.

The process is different for minors who are not accompanied by their parents, as well as for those individuals who are detained or who are staying in a Reception and Identification Centre. Our team can also help you with residency applications.

How can you help me with asylum service in Greece?

Our team will guide you throughout the asylum application process and will provide you with important information not only about the steps, but also on how to apply if you wish to reunite with family members. Following the steps, and answering the questions for the Asylum Service staff is mandatory and essential. Your application will depend on your answers and evidence, therefore, presenting false evidence or making false claims will not grant the success of the application.

Our team can also help you with the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency complaints procedure, in case of misconduct or abuse by a UNHCR staff member, if applicable.

Asylum in Greece

Once the asylum application is approved, the individual will have a set of rights and obligations. We briefly list these below:

  • Stay in the country: an applicant can legally remain in Greece while his or her case is evaluated; deportation is not possible during this time;
  • Have access to services: individuals have access to primary healthcare and children can go to school; rent-free accommodation is provided by the Greek State;
  • Observe the law: failure to observe the laws of the Greek State results in the suspension of the asylum rights;
  • Cooperate: the applicant is expected to fully cooperate with the authorities who process the asylum application; any address or telephone number changes are to be reported.

Applicants who are pre-registered cannot work in Greece. This is possible only after registration and in this case the worker will be subject to national taxes.

According to MacroTrends, the number of individuals seeking asylum service in Greece increased in recent years:

  • 103,136 people in 2020;
  • 80,454 people in 2019;
  • 61,466 people in 2018.

The numbers reflect the fact that an asylum seeker has filed a claim in Greece and was granted this status. The numbers do not reflect the individuals who have applied and have yet to receive a decision.

Our team of Greece immigration specialists can help those looking for asylum in this country. With our help, you can understand your rights and your options.

Moving to Greece is possible via routes other than seeking asylum. While this option is reserved for a particular group of individuals, other foreign nationals, particularly non-EU/EEA ones, have access to various other types of residence permits. These will allow them to remain in the country for long periods of time. Our team can give you more information about your options.

Contact us for more information about our asylum service in Greece.

Apart from services dedicated to those seeking asylum, we also answer questions about retirement to Greece. We can guide you in obtaining the right type of temporary, then long-term residence permit that will allow you (and your spouse, if applicable), to relocate to Greece once you have reached retirement age. Reach out to our team if you need more information about retirement visa options.

Are you a foreign national living in Greece and ready to apply for Greek citizenship? If you have been living in the country for the minimum number of years (seven, in most cases, or less in some situations), our team can give you more details about the naturalization process, the documents you will need to submit and the steps you will need to follow. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.