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Citizenship by Descent in Greece

Citizenship by Descent in Greece

One can acquire citizenship by descent in Greece either at birth or if one of the parents is a Greek national. The same can apply when the grandmother or grandfather of the individual was born in Greece or has gone through the process of naturalization. Our immigration lawyer in Greece is ready to answer your questions regarding citizenship by descent and provide you with additional information, apart from the data listed in this article.

We offer tailored services to our clients, meaning that our team will take into account your unique family history in order to determine if you are eligible for this type of citizenship.

Obtaining Greek citizenship is also possible through other methods, discussed in more detail by our team in other articles. The two main routes, which are commonly used by foreign nationals who do not have Greek origins, are through marriage or through naturalization, possible after the applicant has lived for a number of years in Greece.

Read below more about citizenship by descent in Greece and reach out to our immigration lawyer if you need special assistance to apply.

The conditions for Greek citizenship by decent

Obtaining citizenship in Greece through parentage or ancestry is subject to certain conditions. Below, our Greek immigration lawyers highlight the most important ones:

  • Greek parents(s): a child who has one or both parents with Greek nationality acquire citizenship automatically at birth;
  • Foreign naturalized parents: the same citizenship at birth rule applies for a child whose parents have lawfully lived in the country for five years; for children with naturalized parents who are not born in Greece, citizenship can apply at a later date; our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide more details;
  • Wedlock children: a child can obtain citizenship by descent in Greece if he or she is born out of wedlock and the mother has Greek nationality;
  • Children of age: those older than 18 can obtain citizenship automatically if their father is a Greek national (proper documents are required to prove this).

Other situations may include those in which the applicant can prove that he has at least one grandparent who was a Greek national. Marriage is no longer an automatic means of acquiring citizenship in Greece. This was possible until 1984 for women marrying Greek nationals.

Special assistance for obtaining citizenship by descent in Greece

Foreign nationals who have first made inquiries about the possibility to apply for Greek citizenship based on their lineage with the nearest Consulate in their country of origin should note that the Consulate is not the one to determine if citizenship can or cannot be awarded in a certain case. The task is handled by the Greek Ministry of Interior, Public Administration, and Decentralization and, as needed, by the General Districts in the country.

Bringing forward the documents that can attest to one’s Greek origin is mandatory for this process. Our team can help you with complete information on the required documents as well as what to expect during the initial visit with the Consulate. Once this first step has taken place, we will assist you during the subsequent phases. Receiving proper legal assistance from a Greek specialist is even more important if the applicant does not have proper knowledge of the Greek language. We can help you draft and sign and documents and handle the submissions with the Greek authorities.

Among the most important documents we list the following:

  1. the application form and the applicant’s identification documents (passport);
  2. the legalized birth certificate;
  3. the parent’s marriage certificate;
  4. baptism certificate;
  5. the Greek ancestor’s registration certificates with the Greek municipality or their military records;

Some of the fees that can be expected when applying for citizenship by descent include the following:

  • an application fee of 140 Euros;
  • 10 euros for the authentication of the original signature for EU citizens;
  • 30 euros for signature authentication for third-country nationals.

Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change. Our team can provide you with updated information as needed.

Greece is one of the most desirable countries in Europe. Its cities, beautiful islands, climate, and culture are among the main reasons why many foreign nationals are inclined to apply for Greek citizenship, either by descent if their family history allows or otherwise.

Specialized legal advice can be very important during the citizenship application phase. You can contact our immigration lawyer in Greece if you are ready to start the application process.