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Expat Services in Greece

Expat Services in Greece

Are you interested in relocating to Greece for employment, investment, or perhaps retirement purposes? Do you have a relative who is already lawfully living in the country and are interested in joining them? Greece is a wonderful tourist attraction but it can also be a good country to live it, give its mild winters, its location in Europe, and the fact that it is an EU member state. Our team is here to make moving to Greece as hassle-free as possible for you.

Our expat services in Greece include complete solutions, depending on nationality and the reason for the relocation. It is useful to keep in mind that the rules for residency are different for EU/EEA nationals compared to expats from other countries, such as China, for example. Understanding these rules before arrival is an important part and it facilitates the manner in which the entire process will unfold.

In this article, our immigration lawyer in Greece discusses the most important issues an expat should remember when deciding to relocate here. You can always reach out to our team for more in-depth answers to any questions.

Our expat services can begin even before you enter the country, as we are able to assist you as soon as you decide to apply for a resident permit for Greece. Our team will give you details about the permit type according to your purpose of stay. It is important to note that the application documents will depend on this motive, this is why our team will give you details once you provide us with information about your stay in Greece.

If you are already in the country, this means that you may be interested in applying for citizenship in Greece. While this is not the goal of every foreign national living in the country for long-term purposes, the country does allow for dual citizenship and this can be an advantage for some foreign nationals who have been staying in the country for a minimum period of seven years.

Complete expat services in Greece

Most foreign nationals who choose to relocate to Greece will start by looking for a job or finding out more about the investment opportunities for the golden visa, or the one that is tailored specifically for those who are able to make a minimum real estate investment and thus gain residency. Our expat services in Greece also include specialized counsel on the visa requirements and the residence permits.

If you are interested in moving to Greece, our team can provide assistance starting with the earliest stages, the one for obtaining the right type of visa (for non-EU/EEA nationals).

There are several categories of residence permits suited for long-term stays in the country:

  1. Employment residence permit in Greece: this is issued for employees who will engage in a certain job in the country as well as those who are subject to intra-company transfers; an employment contract is required when applying for this permit;
  2. Permanent residence for real estate owners: this is the golden visa for Greece, available to third- country nationals who purchase property with a value of at least 250.000 Euros; our team can provide more details if you are interested in moving to Greece and investing here;
  3. Residence permit in Greece for study: for foreign nationals who have been admitted to a Greek University or educational institution as well as for those involved in research and training activities or volunteer work;
  4. Family reunification residence permit: for foreign nationals who already have a family member (spouse or another relative) who is a Greek resident; this permit is subject to certain conditions and an examination.

Please note that other residence permits may be available, depending on your particular situation (such as permanent residence for family members of a Greek national). Our team of immigration lawyers in Greece is ready to answer any questions and assist you with additional information, including the documents required for each permit type.

Our expat services are tailored to the needs of those who are interested in moving to Greece. We offer guidance for short- and long-term stays and we know that each individual case is different. You may be moving for business or employment purposes, or you may be interested in a master’s degree in Greece, or different types of programs for studies. Regardless of your purpose, we can guide you.

Part of our expat services also include providing adequate assistance for those who are considering or have already taken the first steps to retire to Greece. Living on one of the beautiful Mediterranean islands can be a dream for many who reach their retirement age. If you would like to know more about the residence permits that can be used for long-term stays, our team can help you.

Assistance after arrival

Once you have arranged all of the formalities for entering the country on a legal basis, it is time to handle a number of other issues. Our expat services in Greece also include assistance for these. They can include the following:

  • Accommodation: this is a prerequisite in many situations, however, finding suitable accommodation is essential not only when you are applying for the golden visa; our team can assist you if you are looking for a place to rent or buy;
  • Banking: opening a bank account is mandatory for employment purposes and it is also necessary for all other expats;
  • Insurance: you will want to subscribe for health insurance as well as property insurance, especially if you purchase a home;
  • Driver’s license: a driver’s license issued in an EU/EEA country is valid in Greece; other foreign nationals will need to exchange it for a Greek one; our team of Greece immigration agents can help you during this step.

Please keep in mind that these are only some of the issues to take care of after arrival with which our team can assist you if you choose our expat services in Greece. Settling in, learning the language, and becoming involved in your community will be important, especially for permanent residence and Greek citizenship, including Greece citizenship by investment for property owners in the country, for those who are interested.

Are you interested in moving to Greece? Our team presents a highlight of the country in figures:

  • the country’s total surface is an area of 132,049 km2;
  • Athens is the most densely populated city with 664,046 inhabitants;
  • Crete is the most densely populated island, with a resident population of 622,913 individuals.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who speak fluent English and can assist you regardless of your nationality. Please contact our immigration lawyers in Greece for more information about our services for expats.