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Obtain a FIP Visa in Greece

Obtain a FIP Visa in Greece

The FIP visa in Greece is destined for financially independent individuals who can provide sufficient and satisfactory proof of their resources. Obtaining a Greek FIP visa is possible for high-net-worth individual, as well as pensioners who have high incomes (not to be confused with the retirement visa).

Foreigners who would like to apply for a Greece financially independent visa can do so with the assistance of our immigration lawyer in Greece.

Relocating to the beautiful Mediterranean country is possible under several types of residence permits for long-term stays. If you do not qualify for the FIP visa in Greece but are still interested in your options, reach out to our local team for more information about moving to Greece.

Who can apply for a financially independent visa for Greece?

Third-country nationals who are able to prove that they are financially independent may apply for the FIP visa, on the basis of proving that they regularly receive sufficient income from a foreign source.

The following financial conditions apply for the FIP visa in Greece:

  • the applicant must provide evidence of sufficient means of subsistence at a fixed amount of EUR 2,000 per month without engaging in a dependent job or an independent economic activity;
  • when the applicant is joined by family members, he/she will provide proof of an amount increased by 20% when joined by the spouse;
  • if joined by children, the FIP visa holder will be subject to a monthly minimum amount 15% higher than the original per child.

A qualifying foreign national will apply for the FIP visa for Greece before arrival in the country, at the Greek Consulate or Embassy in his or her country of origin.

Our Greek immigration specialists can answer any specific questions you may have before you start your application. This is useful in order to ensure compliance with the current provisions, and at the same time to ensure a straightforward application, with no unnecessary delays.

The Greece financially independent visa is applied for under the provisions of Article 20 of Law 4251/2014, along with several other Ministerial decisions and orders. Our immigration lawyer in Greece can give you detailed information about the legal provisions, as well as other ministerial decisions and changes that apply and may prove relevant to your situation.

What are the documents needed for the Greek FIP visa?

The following list summarizes the most important documents:

  • proof of sufficient financial means (by means of a bank account statement, pension proof, etc.);
  • filled-in application form;
  • personal identification documents, and other documents as needed for the FIP visa in Greece that may be required on a case-by-case basis.

What are the advantages of the financially independent visa for Greece?

Foreigners who qualify for the minimum regular monthly income can relocate to Greece in a straightforward manner when they apply for this type of visa. They will be enjoying all the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle and, additionally, they can be joined by family members.

The following family members can join a third-country national who has obtained a Greek FIP visa:

  • the spouse;
  • the holder’s (sponsor’s) children under 18 years of age with his or her current spouse;
  • the adopted children under the age of 18;
  • the children of the sponsor or the sponsor’s current spouse, and the spouse’s adopted children, provided that the custody for the children is legally determined.

It is important to note that the family members who will be joining the sponsor (the holder of the FIP visa) will not be a burden on the national welfare system.

If you want to know more about the visa for financially independent individuals, our Greek immigration specialists can answer your questions. Contact us for more details.