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Immigration Lawyer in Greece

Immigration Lawyer in Greece

A country with incredible historical heritage, Greece is appealing to many foreign nationals. For some, it remains a vacation destination, while for others the country’s appeal is so strong that they become interested in moving to Greece. The decision to relocate to a new country, especially when learning the language becomes mandatory, is an important one that can be eased by choosing to work with a team of local agents who specialize in immigration matters.

Visa-free travel is possible for certain foreign nationals, however, the decision to remain in the country for a long period will make it mandatory to obtain an adequate residence permit in Greece. Alternatively, foreign nationals who have been charmed by the country’s beauty have access to a local residence by immigration programme, which can present itself as an advantageous opportunity.

Choosing to work with our immigration lawyer in Greece will mean that you will have no trouble applying for the right type of residence permit or the golden visa (residency by investment) programme. Our team has relevant experience in working with foreign nationals and can guide you throughout the needed steps, based on your nationality and, more importantly, the reason for relocation. We also provide services for those who are already Greek residence and plan on obtaining Greek citizenship.

Work with an experienced immigration lawyer in Greece

Understanding the basis for residence in Greece, either for permanent or temporary purposes, is the first step towards legally staying in the country for the desired time. At the heart of these regulations is the Immigration Act, with its subsequent additions and amendments.

The Hellenic Ministry of Migration and Asylum is the one in charge of the country’s migration policy. As a foreign national who is interested in Greece immigration, you do not have to be aware of individual laws or ministerial decisions, however, you do need to comply with the ongoing regulations that are set forth and observe these legal guidelines. This is where our team of experienced immigration lawyers can step in and assist you as well as answer any questions about the laws and the relevant decrees and decisions that have been issued over time concerning Greek migration.

The first important decision with which our immigration lawyer in Greece can help you with is choosing and applying for a category of residence permit in Greece. These categories are as follows:

  • Residence permit for employees: for those foreign nationals who have taken up employed, remunerated work in Greece and have signed an employment contract; it can also be issued for other professional activities;
  • Residence permit for study: for students, those who have been admitted by a Greek University or those who are engaged in voluntary work as well as research or vocational training;
  • Independent economic activity: for those who plan on starting their own business in Greece; special conditions apply to starting and licensing a business and our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide more details; we can also assist you if you wish to invest and remain in the country by acquiring Greece citizenship by investment;
  • Family reunification: for foreign nationals who already have a family member (spouse, parent, brother, or sister) who is lawfully residing in the country; a separate category is for family members of an EU citizen living in Greece.

These are only four examples of residence permits that can be awarded to foreign nationals looking to relocate to Greece. Other categories can include temporary residence permits as well as the aforementioned golden visa which is subject to certain conditions for minimum investment. Our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide complete details and assistance for applying for any of these permits. We can guide you so that you will submit all of the needed documents and your application could go through and receive approval.

Legal services for moving to Greece

Moving to a new country requires more than merely applying for an adequate residence permit. Once you arrive in the country, you will find that a number of issues need to be addressed. Our team of immigration lawyers in Greece can provide complete assistance during these steps and can help you when communicating with the local authorities, as well as when you are in need of signing contracts, especially if you are yet not a fluent Greek speaker.

Some of the services we provide to those interested in moving to Greece are the following:

  1. Housing: finding a house to rent or to purchase is a step that may require legal guidance, especially when applying for the investor visa;
  2. Registrations: these are mandatory with the local authorities after arrival and our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide you with detailed information;
  3. Taxation: understanding the basis for personal taxation in Greece will be important once you start to derive income from the country; our lawyers can tell you more about the tax rates and the reporting obligations;
  4. Others: finding good schooling options for children or exchanging your driver’s license for a Greek one can be issued with which our team is ready to assist you.

Please keep in mind that these are only part of the expat services we provide for Greece immigration. You can always reach out to our lawyers for more information and personalized assistance, including for those related to obtaining Greek citizenship.

An immigration lawyer from our team has the needed experience to assist those who are interested in moving to Greece. We offer personalized services according to nationality and can guide applicants through their residence permit applications. We know that language knowledge is important, therefore, for those who cannot speak Greek, we also offer representation in front of the authorities.

If you want to retire to Greece, discussing your option with our immigration lawyers is an advisable first step. While there is no specific retirement visa available, the country does encourage foreign nationals who have reached retirement age and wish to reside here on a permanent basis. A special flat rate on foreign-sourced income applies in the case of pensioners (for a limited duration).

According to data from Eurostat, in 2017 there were 10.4 immigrants per 1,000 inhabitants in Greece. Other facts about the country are highlighted below:

  • the current population, based on data from the United Nations, is of 10,429,854 inhabitants;
  • population density in Greece is 81 individuals per square kilometer;
  • 9% of the population lives in urban areas;
  • Athens is the most densely populated city.

You can contact our team of experienced immigration lawyers in Greece whenever you need more information and assistance for relocation.