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Move to Greece from Australia

Move to Greece from Australia

A remarkable history, versatility, hospitability, and plenty of sensational tourist attractions are the main reasons why millions of tourists visit Greece each year. And they are very well some of the reasons why many foreign nationals choose to remain in this beautiful and culturally rich country. Those who wish to move to Greece from Australia can reach out to our agents who specialize in immigration and who are able to assist during the entire relocation procedure.

Moving to Greece can be a convenient option for Australian nationals who wish to work in Europe. Whether they relocate for employment or business purposes (when they based their European company in Greece), foreign nationals will find that they have plenty of advantages in the beautiful and history-rich Mediterranean country. Our team can give you more details.

Moving to a new country does require preplanning as well as understanding the local requirements not only for visas but also for employment and taxation.

Our team of Greece immigration agents is ready to answer any questions you may have about moving to the Hellenic Republic and can provide you with more details beyond the issues mentioned in this article.

Categories of residence permits

Australian citizens do not need to apply for a visa to enter Greece for short-term purposes or less than 90 days. However, all those who wish to move to Greece from Australia will need to apply for a residence permit that will suit their motive for staying in the country.

If you are interested in applying for a permit, the application will need to be submitted to the Embassy of Greece in Canberra or the Consulates General in Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. Our immigration lawyer in Greece can guide you during this phase and will help you prepare your application so that the Embassy or Consulate will not reject it based on incomplete documentation.

The following types of residence permits are available in order to move to Greece from Australia:

  1. Employment and professional activity: for employees who have signed an employment agreement with a Greek employer as well as those who have been transferred to Greece or those who are special-purpose employees;
  2. Studies: for Australians who wish to study in Greece and have been admitted to a University; this permit is also issued for voluntary work, for research or vocational training;
  3. Family reunification: foreign nationals are entitled to reunite with family members who have been lawfully living in Greece; certain conditions apply and we recommend that you reach out to our immigration lawyer in Greece;
  4. Independent economic activity: for foreign nationals who will engage in project-based activities and other independent work;
  5. Investment: this is the Golden Visa programme in Greece and it allows investors in real estate who purchase a property of a certain amount to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Greece and Australia have also signed a Youth Mobility Program, which entered into force in 2019, and it can be attractive to qualifying individuals who wish to move to Greece from Australia. The program is limited to 500 in terms of admissions and there is an age limit for applicants, between 18 and 31 years. Several other conditions apply for the education status as well as the means for living in the country during the duration of the program. This visa allows the holder to enter Greece and have the right to work and study in the country for a maximum period of 12 months. If you are a qualifying individual and wish to know more, please reach out to our Greece immigration specialists.

Have you been living in Greece for several years? Foreign nationals who live in the country lawfully for at least seven years can then apply for Greek citizenship if they also comply with other requirements. Our team can answer your questions base on your unique situation, the time you have spent in the country, and the purpose for which you wish to continue your stay under this status.

Residency by investment in order to move to Greece from Australia

The residency by investment program in Greece provides a unique opportunity to obtain residency in Greece for the applicant and his family members (under certain conditions) following a qualifying type of investment. Most often, this is real estate in Greece.

Below, we present some of the most important issues to take into consideration about the investment scheme:

  • Minimum investment amount: the minimum investment in real estate in order to qualify for the permanent residence permit is 250,000 euros;
  • Proof of payment: the purchase needs to be proved by means of a bank statement and it is to take place before the permit application;
  • Prepare the documents: other documents are required when applying for this residence permit and they include recent photographs, private health insurance and others; our immigration lawyer in Greece can give you more details;
  • Accompanying family: investors can be accompanied by their family members once they finalize the investment and apply for the permit; supporting documents are required in this case.

Do you wish to move to Greece from Australia? Here are some facts about the country and its population:

  • Population : 10,427,777 according to recent correlated data;
  • Most populous city: Athens, with 664,046 individuals.
  • 9% of the total population in Greece in 2018 was foreign-born according to data from Eurostat.

Contact us for more information on Greece immigration and personalized assistance if you want to move from Australia.

Australian pensioners who retire to Greece can benefit from a flat tax rate on their foreign-source income, up to a certain amount and for a limited number of years. The tax benefits, combined with the country’s beautiful islands and beaches, as well as its mild Mediterranean climate, make it an ideal location for Australians who are considering relocating to Europe.