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Move to Greece from Canada

Move to Greece from Canada

Greece is wonderfully rich in history and culture and it is one of the top destinations for tourists in the world. It is not uncommon for foreigners who visit the country to be interested in Greece immigration once they have tried the Greek Mediterranean lifestyle. Moving to a new country involves several steps, as well as adjusting to new customs, cultural habits, as well as an overall way of life.

If you have just decided to immigrate to Greece from Canada, this short guide can provide some useful information on the residence permit in Greece requirements. If you need more details, as well as personalized assistance during relocation, you can always reach out to our specialists in immigration. Our team is fluent in English and helped many foreign nationals who wish to move to Greece. You can reach out to us for more information, other than what is presented in this guide.

Visas for those interested in Greece immigration

Canadians can stay in Greece without a visa for up to 90 days within a 180 day period. However, for work or other specific purposes, such as family reunification, one is required to apply for the right type of visa or permit. A distinction is made between the two, with the permit being issued for employment purposes, for example. Below, we summarize the main types of visas that are used for long-term purposes by those who are interested in immigration, including Canadians:

  1. Work: it is common for foreign nationals to move to Greece pursuing employment opportunities; if this is the case, a work permit is required and the company for which the Canadian employee will work will need to submit certain documents to the Employment Organization, OAED;
  2. Investment: Greece has an attractive golden visa programme through which non-EU nationals can make a minimum investment of 250,000 EUR in order to gain permanent residence; our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide you with more details about the conditions for buying property and obtaining Greece citizenship by investment;
  3. Family reunification: Canadians who have a family member such as a spouse or parent who is already living in Greece can apply for a family reunification permit; certain conditions apply;
  4. Study: for those Canadians who want to study in Greece and have been admitted to a Bachelor or Masters program in a higher education institute.

Those who move to Greece from Canada using one of these visas are required to submit their applications for these long-term visas with the Embassy of Greece in Ottawa, the Consulate General of Greece in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver.

Our team can provide complete details about the application process as well as the medical certificate needed for the visa. What’s more, we also offer assistance to those who already live in Greece and wish to apply for Greek citizenship.

Canadians who wish to move to Greece can benefit from our ongoing services for expats. We assist foreign nationals from many different countries who wish to come to Greece for employment, for business or for study purposes. And, for some foreigners, these reasons to remain in the country for temporary purposes can ultimately become motives for remaining long-term in Greece.

Useful tips for moving to Greece

Moving to a new country is an important step, one that comes with a number of challenges and many issues to take into consideration. The pre-arrival steps for those who wish to move to Greece from Canada, the ones that involve obtaining the right Greek residence permit and making the post-arrival arrangements have been briefly summarized above. Now, our team lists some of the issues that need to be attended to once you have arrived and have settled into your new home or apartment:

  • Healthcare: while public healthcare is offered freely, through the National Healthcare Service, it is advisable to also choose a private healthcare plan;
  • Education: if you are moving with your children, you will need to research the options for schooling in the area where you will live; private schools are often a choice for expats;
  • Language: you will find many Greeks who speak English, however, once you decide to immigrate to Greece from Canada, you will need to learn the language; you can look for adult language classes, according to your schedule;
  • Get accustomed: Greek life will be different and it is worthwhile to get accustomed to local habits or customs as soon as possible; meeting Greeks and other expats will be important for your integration;
  • Other issues: signing rental agreements, exchanging your driver’s license for a Greek one as well as finding out information about personal taxation are all important post-arrival steps.

Our immigration lawyer in Greece can give you more information on these issues and can assist you after your arrival. Communicating with the Greek authorities may seem easier at first with the help of our team and we are here to answer any additional questions you may have.

Do you wish to immigrate to Greece from Canada? Here are some figures, presented by our team:

  • Greece’s population is estimated to 10,423,054 individuals in 2020 according to date from the UN;
  • the population density in Greece is of 81 individuals per square kilometer;
  • 9% of Greece’s population is urban;
  • Athens is the most densely populated city, with an estimated population of 664,046 individuals.

Do you need more information and advice on how to relocate? Contact us for complete assistance if you move to Greece from Canada. We can also help you if you plan to remain in the country indefinitely and wish to apply for Greek citizenship.

Are you a Canadian national approaching his or her retirement age? If you would like to relocate to this beautiful and culturally-rich Mediterranean country, our team can give you more information about your options to retire to Greece. While the benefits include the climate and lifestyle, they also include a flat tax on foreign-source income (subject to certain conditions). Our team can give you more details.