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Moving to Greece from USA

Moving to Greece from USA

Living in Greece is attractive for many foreign nationals who are looking to relocate to Europe and are also looking for other advantages such as a warm climate, beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, and quality of life that has received worldwide fame. If moving to Greece from USA is appealing, the following short guide will answer some of the most important questions you may have as an expat as well as offer a bit of insight on the requirements for the residence permit in Greece.

The decision to relocate to another country is an important one. This means that moving to Greece will require planning and attention to the current requirements for remaining in the country for long-term purposes. If you are ready to move to Greece, our team can assist you according to your particular situation, and that of your family members and children who join you (if applicable).

Our immigration lawyer in Greece can provide more detailed information once you have decided on the reason for the relocation and are ready to start the application process with the nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate General. He can give more details on how to immigrate to Greece from USA.

Are you interested in relocating from another country? We assist all foreign nationals who wish to apply for a resident permit in Greece and we answer questions that are customized for each applicant (such as their particular situation if relocating with young children or dependent parents). Reach out to us as soon as you decide to apply for a residence permit that suits your needs and purpose of stay.

Types of residence permits for USA nationals in Greece

Living in Greece for more than three months is possible only by acquiring a valid residence permit. For those who are interested in moving to Greece from USA, the permit will be required according to the purpose of the stay.

Some of the reasons for a prolonged stay can be the following:

  1. Employment: for US nationals who have been offered a job position in Greece or those who are interested in undergoing a corporate transfer.
  2. Family reunification: for Americans who already have a family member living in Greece and wish to reunite with him or her can choose this method to immigrate to Greece from USA;
  3. Study: US nationals interested in Hellenic culture, arts or philosophy as well as other subjects, who have been admitted to a higher education institute.
  4. Investment: moving to Greece from USA can be advantageous under the golden visa programme designed for non-EU nationals who are willing to make a minimum investment in real estate; our team can give you details about the conditions under which this residence permit in Greece is issued.

When moving to Greece from USA takes place under one of these scenarios, our team of Greece immigration agents can provide detailed information about the documents that are required in each case.

One particular situation that can be of interest to Americans willing to immigrate to Greece from USA is the permanent residence for investors programme. Essentially, this allows non-EU foreign nationals to gain a residence permit for five years upon making a real estate investment of at least 250,000 euros. After a number of years in the country, and when observing other conditions, individuals can also apply for citizenship. You can reach out to our immigration lawyer in Greece for more information on how you can apply for the golden visa.

Retiring to Greece can be an attractive proposition for many American citizens. If you are nearing your retirement age and wish to know more about your options, you can schedule an appointment with our team of immigration experts. We can give you details about the types of residence permits, the minimum income requirements, and many other matters of interest.

What to take into consideration when moving to Greece from USA

Obtaining the right type of residence permit is the first and foremost step. However, there are a number of other issues to take into consideration when making such an important life change.

Moving to Greece from USA is a process that includes many practical matters which need attendance, starting with arranging for accommodation and employment and others such as schooling for children or converting the valid USA driver’s license. Each situation is different and you may need to consider other aspects, apart from those presented below. We encourage you to reach out to our agents if your particular situation, such as family reunification, for example, requires additional information.

Below, our team of Greece immigration agents highlights the main aspects that one should consider when moving from Greece to USA:

  • Housing: renting an apartment or home is common in most cases, apart from the situation in which the USA national is applying for the golden visa under which it is mandatory to own the property.
  • Banking: opening a bank account is one of the first steps to take care of after moving to Greece from USA and it is essential for employment purposes.
  • Insurance: vehicle and property insurance, as well as health insurance are to be considered; the local health care system can be seen as a mixed one, because it consists both of private health insurance and the National Health System.
  • Taxation: getting to know the local tax and annual reporting requirements is important, especially if you start a business in Greece and need to register it with the Commercial Registry.
  • Others: our team of immigration lawyers in Greece can help you with a number of other issues, concluding different types of agreements.

Should you need assistance with other matters when you choose to immigrate to Greece from USA, we can assist you.

In recent years, Greece has seen an influx of immigrants, particularly those seeking asylum, from countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq. Most asylum seekers remain in the Attica region. Many of these foreign nationals also choose to apply for citizenship. In fact, the goal for many of those who immigrate to Greece from USA can also be to obtain citizenship.

According to data from the United Nations, the population in Greece numbered 10,432,622. Other statistics include the following:

  • Greece is included as number 87 on the list of countries by population;
  • most of the country’s population lives in the city, 84.9%;
  • Athens is the most densely populated city, with recent figures showing a population of 664,046 individuals;
  • other populous cities include Thessaloniki with 354,290 inhabitants and Patras with 168,034 individuals.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Greece for more information on how we can assist you if you are interested in moving to Greece from USA.

We also assist all other foreign nationals who are currently living in the country and have questions about how they can acquire Greek citizenship. Foreign nationals need to comply with a minimum lawful stay in the country before they can apply to become nationals and they will also need to meet other criteria. The conditions vary between EU and non-EU nationals and we suggest that applicants reach out to us for details.