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Obtain Student Visa in Greece

Obtain Student Visa in Greece

The student visa in Greece allows the holder to legally remain in the country for the duration of the studies.

Our team assists students of all ages who wish to apply for this type of visa and can benefit from our ongoing assistance.

We also assist students who wish to immigrate to Greece and want to apply for a different type of permit.

Requirements for entry into Greece

European Union citizens do not need a visa to study in Greece. This is part of the Greece student visa requirements that apply to non-EU nationals.

This type of visa is subject to certain conditions, and it can be renewed, provided that the individual continues to study in the country.

The Greece study visa is a suitable option for history students interested in Mediterranean studies, for those preparing for a PhD, as well as for scholars in other fields.

We are a team of immigration specialists who assist applicants who wish to obtain different types of visas, including the ones suitable for digital nomads or investors.

If you wish to know more about other types of visas, our immigration lawyers in Greece can answer your questions.

The main Greece student visa requirements

Students who wish to come to Greece need to keep in mind the following:

  • the foremost condition for the student visa is for the applicant to have received the letter of acceptance for enrollment in a higher education institution in the country;
  • the chosen educational institution needs to be certified by the Greek Ministry of Education;
  • the applicant will submit the Greece study visa application in his or her country of origin, prior to arriving in Greece;
  • some third-country nationals do not need a Greece study visa; they can stay in the country for courses that last up to 3 months overall or within 6 months of their initial entry date;
  • minor students require the consent of their parents for their planned studies in the country;
  • proof of sufficient Greek language knowledge is required for this type of visa.

The student visa allows the holder to temporarily move to Greece for the duration of the academic studies, or for the duration of the other types of courses. However, this is often only the first step for those who wish to relocate to the Mediterranean country. If you wish to explore the options for remaining in Greece based on your academic studies, you can reach out to our team.

One can apply for bachelor’s degree or PhD programs, as well as other courses and trainings that take place with a Greek educational institution.

The student visa in Greece is therefore also issued to researchers who take place in programs, as well as trainees who will undergo a series or practical and/or theoretical trainings in the country.

Examples of non-EU countries that are visa-free for the aforementioned maximum period of stay for study purposes include Albania (only for holders of biometric passports), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Moldova and Ukraine (only for holders of biometric passports), and others.

Our team can give you complete details about the visa exemptions applied by Greece in accordance with the EC Regulations in force.

A student visa can be a suitable manner of commencing the process to immigrate to Greece.

Please keep in mind that the Greece student visa requirements are only briefly outlined herein. Specific conditions may apply and, if you wish to relocate with one or more family members for the duration of your studies, you will need to comply with additional conditions.

Our Greece immigration specialists can give you more details about each of these requirements.

Additional information about applications for a student visa in Greece

The visa application will include fees, as well as a condition for minimum income during the stay.

Our team lists a number of other important conditions:

  • the applicant needs to show evidence of adequate income, at least ER 400 per month for the duration of the stay;
  • the applicant will need to provide proof of visa fee payment, EUR 90 for the student visa.
  • a lower fee of EUR20 applies in case of Greeks ethics living in Albania and Turkey;
  • the student visa for participation in traineeship programs is usually valid for up to 6 months.

If you are a UK national who wishes to study in Greece, we can help you apply for the right type of visa.

Are you interested in another type of resident permit for Greece? You should know that our team provides complete assistance to applicants from all countries, irrespective of their purpose of stay for the permit. This means that if you plan on relocating to Greece for reasons other than continuing your studies or following an internship, our team will be able to answer your questions.

We can also help you if you wish to relocate to Greece.

If you are a citizen from any other country and want to apply for a Greece study visa, you can contact our team who will answer specific questions according to your nationality.

We can help you prepare the documents and submit the application for the student visa in Greece, as well as make any needed adjustments according to the answer received from the authorities.

For those who are already in Greece, our team can answer questions about Greek citizenship. This is available to foreign nationals who have been living in the country for a number of years (three or seven in some cases, or through a special process if the applicant makes an investment). Students will need to continue their stay in order to be eligible and our team can answer relevant details.

Our team can also give you details about other types of residence permits, such as the one suitable for those who wish to retire to Greece. The land of more than 200 islands, a land of rich mythology and culture, is also a preferred location for retirement, given its mild, Mediterranean climate. Our team can answer your questions about the requirements for retired individuals who wish to live in the country.