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Obtain Work Permit for Greece

Obtain Work Permit for Greece

Non-EU citizens who wish to take up employment in Greece are required to apply for both a work permit in Greece and a work visa as well as a residence permit that is based on that employment. Essentially, non-EU/EEA or Swiss nationals who wish to become employed will need to follow a two-step process for applying for the visa and for residence once they are in the country.

Our agents can help foreign nationals obtain a work permit for Greece, irrespective of their country of origin. Specialized aid is recommended in most cases, as it is useful to understand the policies in force, such as the admission of the non-EU workers based on a system of volumes, as well as the other provisions of the Migration Code. An immigration lawyer in Greece from our team can help answer any legal questions and provide adequate assistance during the immigration process.

Securing a work permit with a Greek employer is often the first step for many EU and non-EU/EEA nationals interested in moving to Greece. Our team can offer you the needed assistance during your relocation process, so that you can successfully handle the work and residence permit applications. Discussing these matters beforehand can be useful for new employees.

Greece work permit application

The first step when trying to obtain a work permit for Greece is to apply for a visa of the same type at the embassy or consulate in one’s country of origin. This is a mandatory step and, at the time of the application, the individual is required to have a valid employment contract (which may be required to be concluded for a minimum period).

Obtaining a work permit is often the first step for relocating to Greece and, naturally, the applicant will need to reside in the country at least for the duration of the employment (which can be for a minimum of one year for long-term contracts but it can also be only for seasonal work). The second part of the process for getting a work permit for Greece is to apply for the residence permit for employment purposes.

Our immigration lawyers in Greece list the main issues that should be taken into consideration about the residence permit:

  • initial application: the residence permit application is submitted with the Decentralized Administration and it is a one-stop-shop process;
  • documents: the most important documents when applying for a residence permit are a copy of the passport and visa, photographs, the employment contract and proof of having proper health insurance; an application fee is also payable upon submission;
  • duration: the residence work permit in Greece is valid for two years and it can be renewed for three more years; it is important to observe the renewal requirements;
  • decision: when the decision is a negative one, an appeal can be lodged to the administrative courts and/or the administrative authority.

When the applicant fails to submit all of the required documents for the work permit in Greece, in most cases he or she will receive additional time to make the necessary adjustments (and a deadline for this submission will also be provided).

One of our immigration lawyers in Greece can provide you with more details, according to your particular situation, so that you may submit all of the required documents and avoid any delays.

The authority’s decision may take some time, and we suggest gathering the documents in due time so that the entire process can last as little as possible.

Please keep in mind that this is only a list with some of the minimum requirements for those who wish to apply for a work permit in Greece. Others, such as proof of applying for tax social security or tax registration in Greece may also be needed.

Foreign nationals who wish to invest, rather than come to the country for work purposes, can reach out to us for details about obtaining Greece citizenship by investment in real estate or for other forms of investment.

General information for moving to Greece and residing in the country

Obtaining permanent residence is often the goal for many foreign nationals. The main conditions for residence in case of non-EU nationals who enter Greece for employment or other purposes are the following:

  1. have valid documents: they must present valid travel documents that retain their validity for at least three months after the last intended date of departure;
  2. valid visa: having a valid employment visa is essential, as described above;
  3. clear record: the applicant must be of no threat to public policy or national security and international relations;
  4. others: other criteria may be relevant for awarding residency in Greece, such as if the individual has been sentenced to imprisonment for felony or misdemeanor.

Seeking remunerated employment is often the main manner in which foreign nationals choose to come to the country. Other possibilities exist, such as seeking family reunification when one or more family members are already lawfully living in the country or applying for the investor visa, for foreign nationals who are able to comply with a minimum investment. Our team of immigration lawyers in Greece can provide more details about the residency and lawfully living in the country.

If you have been working in Greece for a number of years, you may also with to remain in the country and retire to Greece. If this is an option for you, our team can give you more details about permanent residence applications that can follow once you have lived in the country for a number of years as an employee. We can also give you information on the taxation of your foreign income, if you will still have such income after retirement.

Greece has an estimated population of 10,424,054 for 2020 and the country has also seen a rise in the number of asylum seekers. Other relevant data for the country include the following:

  • 84.9% is the percentage of the urban population in the country;
  • Athens is the most densely populated city, with an estimated population of 664,046 inhabitants;
  • Thessaloniki is the second most populated city, with 354,290 people living here.

Contact our Greece immigration agents for complete information about the laws and the regulations for foreign nationals seeking employment and permanent residence in the country. We can help you apply for a work permit in Greece.